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Massage Benefits

A massage can help to reduce stress, decrease anxiety, stiffness, depression, boost immunity, increase blood circulation, improve joint range of motion and flexibility, lower the heart rate and blood pressure. There are so many great benefits of massage and relaxation is one of them. It can sooth aching muscles, helps with neck and back pain which in turn helps you to relax and enjoy life.

"Massage is not just a luxury. It's a way to a healthier, happier life."

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Swedish Massage

Provides a general sense of relaxation, promotes healing and reduces pain. The smooth long strokes relax the muscles while the overall experience eliminates mental stress.

Sixty mins
Ninety mins

Deep Tissue

This technique concentrates on the deep layer of the muscles and fascia in the body. Using deep pressure and slow firm strokes, It can treat a variety of physical ailments such as chronic pain and muscle tension.

Sixty mins
Ninety mins

Foot Reflexology

The entire body is connected through the feet. A proper massage breaks up the crystalline deposits that interfere with nerve reflexes. This can improve body function and circulation.

Thirty mins
Add on twenty mins
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